Dan Patenaude: Sponsorship Chairman MIDWEST MOPARS, Inc

Dear Firm Feel, Inc:

I've owned many B-Body mopars over the years, but I've never had one with power steering, (they have all been manual steering cars).

Last summer I purchased a 69' Roadrunner convertible, and it had power steering. I found the steering was incredibly bad. I thought there was something wrong with the car, so I had some extensive front end work done. The result was the same, it felt like I was driving on a skating rink, very little control. The wheel turned too freely, and the faster I went the worse it got, (I felt like I was driving a boat on the water).

I talked to many mopar guys and they told me, that's the way they came from the factory, you just have to get used to it. I thought, how do you get used to a car you only drive a few miles a year. (Apparently, loose and sloppy steering was a factory attribute),

So, I decided to go with manual steering, at least I know how that feels (going down the road). So, I called Dick at Firm Feel, Inc (I seen their ad in Mopar Collector's Guide). I explained, that I would like to get my recently purchased manual steering gearbox rebuilt. Dick told me about his companies modified power steering gear box. He told me their STAGE II power steering gearbox, when istalled, will make my 69' B-Body feel like I was driving a new car. I thought, that this a real gamble, (buy this Stage II gearbox, have it installed, and if it doesn't work, I'm back to putting in manual steering again). This could cost me hundreds of dollars, (just for an experiment).

Well, I went for it, I bought the stage II gearbox, had it installed (along with the recommended offset bushings). When I went to the shop (to pick-up my car), The mechanic was raving about the way the car handled (he had driven many mopars over the years and said "this is the best driving Mopar I've ever driven") he told me "this place Firm Feel, has really got something here". I jumped behind the wheel to take the car home, and sure enough, this thing drove like my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500.

This is GREAT

PS. I also have a 70' Roadrunner with power steering, (same driving problems) So, it looks like I will be buying another steering gear box from you guys.

Dan Patenaude
Sponsorship Chairman

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