'49 Dodge Wayfarer / '75 Duster

Dear Firm Feel, Inc:

Thanx for all of your help. Here's the Wayfarer before the tear down. In addition to the 75 Duster suspension, it will have the big disc 11.75" brakes, 11" station wagon rear drums, a warmed up slant 6 with a cam, split, cast iron headers and the Australian 3 side draft 1.75" SU carb set up. The trans is a A833OD and the rear end is a 3:55. I am going to also lower the rear about 2 " and add sway bars at least on the front. Visuals include outside full length functioning lakes pipes and 7 inch wagon wheels on the rear with 2 1/2 " wide whites.

Richard Routt

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