Steve Whitcomb's Monaco
Dear Firm Feel, Inc:

The help you have provided made all the difference between a standard C-Body and a great Handling C-Body. Now the GM guys can play a little catchup.

The car is now looking good and handling soooooo much better. Especially using the zero off-set T-bars :)

A list of just a few of the things I have done to the car;

FF Stage one steering box.
FF 1 1/8 inch torsion bars.
FF Front 1 1/4 inch sway bar kit.
FF Rear 1 inch sway bar kit.
FF boxed lower control arms.
FF poly T-bar seals.
Upper off-set control arm bushings.
Alignment specs by Dick.....

I also have done a bunch of stuff to the body and interior, which I sewed myself, but here are a few pics of the car and some suspension components installed.


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