Leaf Spring Hangers
"to fit leaf springs with 20" or 22" front segments in your B-body."

These hangers are HD reproductions of the OEM hanger with the addition of an extra upper eyebolt hole so the car can be lowered 1.5 inches. The hangers are made from 0.188 steel, zinc plated for corrosion resistance and come complete with the OEM style hanger studs already pressed into place. Use the lower eyebolt hole location for stock ride height.

 Heavy duty spring hangers for
    Super Stock springs on a '64-'65
    Dodge B-body.
 Replacement hangers for '62-'63
    B-body cars; Also fits 1971 B-body
 '66-'70 Ply. B-body with stock
    length springs.
 '66-'70 Dodge B-body with
    stock length springs; Also fits
    '64-'65 Ply B-body with SS
 '64-'65 Dodge B-body with 22"
    front segment springs and '64-
    '65 Ply B-body with stock
    replacement 21" front spring

Leaf Spring Hangers

Reinforcement Plates

Hanger Leaf Spring Bolts (w/nuts)

Hanger Nuts

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